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Professional Services To Maximize Your Profits

Practice Management Consulting 

Do you find yourself searching for answers to numerous billing questions or wondering if your payroll process is correct? At VSPR, we’ll take a close look at your current practices and offer a strategic process in helping you build a successful, more manageable plan. You’ll receive the tools to get paid for new services as well as getting paid for your current services. Look at it as being handed a playbook to help you win the ever-changing game of healthcare.

Revenue Cycle Management Evaluation

At VSPR, we’ll help you build a strategy to take your practice to the next level of success. Results you can expect are improved efficiency and increased revenue for your practice.

Our Revenue Cycle Management Services:

  • Accounts Receivable Audits
  • Coding Research
  • Interim Billing Services
  • Billing Oversight
  • Accounts Receivable Cleanup
  • Billing Staff Training


Credentialing is the process of presenting the qualifications, history, and necessary information in an organized format to meet qualifications for a carrier, facility, or organization in a timely fashion. This process can include reviewing privileges for facilities or contracts for carriers, as well as evaluating networks to participate or not to participate as a contracted provider.

At VSPR, we’ll be your first contact for carriers and/or facilities. Our goal is to make the credentialing process as painless as possible for you.

Our Credential Offerings:

  • Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare
  • Dashboard
  • Hospital Affiliations
  • Commercial Carriers
  • Payer Agreements
  • Medicare and Medicaid Revalidation
  • File Maintenance
  • Expiration Date Tracking

Accounting, Financial Analysis, and Reporting

Do you need a seasoned professional to handle your accounting and bookkeeping duties with confidence? VSPR has multiple highly motivated, degreed accountants with more than 50 combined years of accounting and consulting experience. You can count on our proven track record of delivering financial results with superior service 24/7 at a reasonable and equitable rate.

Accounting Services:

  • Outsourced turnkey financial accounting
  • Bookkeeping/Compilation
  • Payroll – in-house or outsourced
  • Back office – A/R and A/P
  • Monthly financial analysis
  • Monthly A/R and CPT Code analysis
  • Payer reimbursement analysis
  • PPP and HRSA reporting

Project Management

At VSPR, we’re pleased to offer a variety of project management services for medical practices and clinics. Our project manager can offer a variety of ways to turn your successful practice into a thriving enterprise.

Our Project Management Offerings:

  • Improve Communication Among Staff
  • Improve Organizational Planning
  • Improve Administrative Efficiencies
  • Increase Staff Productivity
  • Improve Budgeting

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