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About Our Professional Consulting Services

At Vital Signs Physician Resources, we’re here to help you take your medical practice to the next level. We don't work directly with patients but rather offer services that are trusted by doctors and healthcare companies across the nation.

Our Mission:

Maximize Profitability, Improve Operation, Implement Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis, and Transparent Reporting

Educational, informative, professional, inspiring, and efficient are all ways to describe our array of services. We can deliver impeccable results for your specific needs, ranging from accounting and bookkeeping to software setup, cost management, budgeting, auditing, coding research, interim billing, and more. Our staff is highly trained to closely follow a detailed four-step process in order to understand your practice and provide the right solution.

We won't charge you for financial assessments if we cannot find potential or lost revenue or offer valuable recommendations. No matter the size of your establishment — a small, privately owned practitioner or a large corporation with numerous offices — our services will help you achieve peace of mind while going about your daily duties.

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