What is Credentialing?

Credentialing is the process of collecting, reviewing, storing, and analyzing data about a medical provider who seeks to provide care to patients.

 Why choose VSPR Credentialing services?

TheVSPRcredentialing team uses a systematic organizational method, with standardized protocols to guarantee successful credentialing.  Our credentialing experts focus on a high-level of professional communication between provider (designee) and the credentialing entity to ensure an expedited credentialing process.  


 VSPR offers turnkey services with a package that includes all of the following services for $150.00 per provider, per month.

Administration the collection of credentialing documents & filing of all documents into a protected database

 CAQH maintenance & attestations

 Insurance Gridmanagement per provider

Applicationprocess, monitoring, maintenance, & communication for Medicare, Medicaid, & Tricare Enrollment & re-validations

Commercial Payer Agreements:  Monitoring, maintenance, & communication

Completionof group contract application

Application process monitoring, maintenance, & communication for up to 3 healthcare facilities

 Re-credentialingfor up to 3 healthcare facilities

 60 / 30- Day reminder system & monitoring for all expiring credentials

 CMEtracking, reporting, & distribution

 The cost for adding new providers joining the practice is determined after the initial analysis .